“Exquisite flavours better than in India”
Gordon Ramsay

“The best curry from pole to pole”
Michael Palin

“Good food”
Kate Moss

“Great food”
Rick Stein

“Curry Corner is a flagship British restaurant and my favourite restaurant”
Adam Henson

“Delicious food, I need spice lessons from Monrusha”
Rachel Allen

“Curry Corner is the best reason to come to Cheltenham”
Jamie Cullum

Tom & Henry Fabulous Baker Brothers

“We are lucky to have a restaurant of this standard right here, of true excellence”
Dame Janet Trotter, Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire

“Curry Corner is in a league of its own”
Cotswold Life Magazine

“Gloucestershire’s favourite restaurant since Sam Krori opened the doors in 1977”
Gloucestershire Echo

“Curry Corner is an institution of Cheltenham”
Mayor John Rowson 2008, Cheltenham Borough Council


“A symphony of flavours”
John & Pauline Clayton, Cheltenham

“You will never taste food quite like Curry Corner, it is delicious”
Harriet Elwys Foodworks, Colesbourne Estate

“A true Cotswold family-run hidden gem, serving the finest food and a warm welcome”

“Curry Corner is better than leading London restaurants”

“Sublime original food you cannot taste anywhere else”

“Sam and Monrusha’s unique menu has inspired a new generation of Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants to focus on quality and innovation”

“Curry Corner is better than the Taj and Oberoi”

“Pure authentic perfection sit next to creative innovative dishes, we cannot wait for the next visit”